Foxconn Employees published production footage of iPhone 8 has posted two clips from the Apple flagship production on the Net, the Dutch resource TechTastic reports. Despite the fact that both videos are short and recorded in very low quality, they point to one important feature of the iPhone 8.

The low quality of the videos presented below is explained by the fact that Foxconn employees are strictly prohibited (penalty – firing with a big fine) to carry cameras or smartphones on production lines and, moreover, record the process of assembling the iPhone. As the TechTastic resource notes, the video worker of the factory who shot the video acted in secret, because of what he did not succeed in making high-quality or accented on the details of the videos.

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The video does not tell anything about the iPhone 8 anything radically new, just confirming the latest leaks that the fingerprint scanner of the Touch ID will not be on the back of the smartphone. The last possibility, which, according to polls, did not appeal to users at all, in spring and early summer, many insiders reported. More recent leaks, however, this location of the Touch ID in the iPhone 8 was denied.

There is a high probability that these videos were shot on the production of replicas of the iPhone 8. Many experts in the field of mobile technologies are inclined to such a point of view, who are well acquainted with the process of assembling Apple smartphones at the Foxconn factory. According to them, the actual process of assembling the iPhone is more complicated and takes place in different conditions.

iPhone 8 along with the iPhone 7s  and iPhone 7s Plus should be presented in early-mid September on the traditional autumn presentation of Apple.

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