Flexible Smartphone from Samsung is Scheduled for 2018

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he fact, that Samsung is going to release a smartphone with a Flexible screen, it was known before, but then the expected release date came from unofficial sources. Now, for the first time, the company noted, they hope to bring this device to market in 2018.

This was reported by the mobile communications division president of Samsung Electronics Co. Dong Jing (DJ Koh) on Thursday, transfer-associated Press. However, a company spokesman also noted that still remain challenges that must be overcome – so, the Samsung retains the likelihood that the release is postponed even further.
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In 2013, the South Korean company showed a prototype flexible display called «Youm». Since then, every now and then there were rumors about the imminent release of a smartphone with such a screen – and this is the first time have no designated time.

The production of such displays – is a difficult task, note portal Fortune. They contain a number of components, and developers need to figure out how to avoid breaking the connection between the parts. In addition, flexible screens must maintain vivid colors, which is impossible if the thin protective layer to be permeable to water vapor and oxygen. And do not forget that all this difficult work must be carried out in mass production.

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