Far Cry 5 Was Sent to Torrents

To the great regret of developers from Ubisoft, the game Far Cry 5 was hacked just three weeks after the release. If you suddenly forgot, the novelty was released on March 27 this year, and the method of bypassing the license was published on April 15. That is, even less than three weeks is obtained. But this in this situation is not the most interesting. The fact is that the hackers, who published all the data on hacking games on the Reddit forum, were able to pick up a loophole for both uPlay and Steam. Since both platforms could not withstand the attack, we can assume that the access method is universal and in the future will be suitable for other releases.

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Hackers from Italy, called CPY, were searching for security holes. It took them 19 days to overcome the bunch of defense mechanisms uPlay + VMP + EAC + Denuvo 5.0. After that, we managed to break through through the license check on Steam, although this step was made more for a tick – players without a difference where the hacked version of this good came from. Earlier, by the way, this same team of hackers was able to bypass authentication in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. There is an opinion that the vulnerability was not closed in uPlay, because of what the new shooter was hacked so quickly.

Already on the Internet, there is an opportunity to download the full version of Far Cry 5 for PC. We will not give direct references to torrent trackers, but the most popular ones are already packed with hacked customers of the product. Plus, this method of hacking will allow (if Ubisoft does not close the hole) in the future to add to the client of the game all paid DLC, which we promised this year to show. Yes, and in the Gold Edition, too, you can play for free. I think this will hit hard on the sales of the new franchise part.

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