Fake Adblock Plus Managed 37 Thousand Downloads on Chrome Store

Remove from Google Chrome Web Store clone of the popular extension Adblock Plus. Up to this point, it time to download about 37 thousand. Users.

Public attention and Google has attracted a message in Twitter-account @SwiftOnSecurity. The expansion is almost completely copied the original – the same logo, description, and even the name. But careful users may notice in capital letters the title – AdBlock Plus instead of Adblock Plus in this blocker, which, incidentally, has more than 10 million downloads. Whether malicious extension, we do not know, because it has already been removed from the store Chrome Web Store.

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Fake Adblock Plus screen shot on Chrome Store
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Download The orginal extension here:
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Clones among applications and extensions all the time. Users can not always distinguish a fake from the original

Fakes, imitating popular extensions – not uncommon for the Chrome Web Store. For example, a clone of Evernote was discovered in 2014 that displays advertisements on each open Web page. In 2015, Google officially banned install extensions are not placed in the Chrome Web Store. After that, the company reported a 75 percent reduction in complaints about the removal of unwanted add-ons.

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However, this did not stop intruders who came up with the scheme using the distribution of documents with the subsequent installation of a fake extension Google Docs, which gains access to the address book mailer Gmail. After this incident, the company has promised to take measures to deal with the clones. It is unclear how Google plans to fight counterfeiting, but the problem is still relevant.

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