Exclusive Facebook Messenger only for Kids

Social networks despite having an age limit, this is very easy to jump, as just another birth date is set. It is something that primarily, Facebook has not been resolved since its inception. Therefore, it has to take other measures that interesting. Especially since this social network has a lot of content that is not suitable for the smaller ones.

Facebook has launched a new application for children between 6 and 12 years, which I think could have come long ago. As such we might think that this new application is a new social network. We explain a little more about this app below.

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What is New Kids Facebook Messenger?

Kids Facebook Messenger is an application whose main features that do not display advertising does not collect information for profit and the maximum age is 12 years. That’s is, it is contrary to the social network for over 13 years. This means that you will have the same performance Messenger Facebook. But it is clear that it will not have any relationship with a Facebook account.

This means that small one will be able to interact with each other, without which finds profiles by adults. But if you will be available parental control, whereby parents have control, they will see everything they do. This feature is available in the United States, it is expected to expand to everyone. Since it is a very necessary function.

This is certainly going to generate a lot of opinions for and against because that parent wants their child is on social networks since childhood. On the one hand, it is a good application, but then encourages children may not develop as they normally would. That is, playing, exploring and more.

For now, it is not yet possible to download this app outside the US We have to wait a couple of weeks or months. We’re not sure because Facebook did not give details about its expansion to other parts of the world. We’ll see if it succeeds.

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What do you think?

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