How to Enable Wifi Calls Android and iOS

How to Enable Wifi Calls Android and iOS – Billions of dollars have been spent by mobile operators in recent years to improve the coverage of the cellular network. Despite this, in your country, there are still places where mobile communication leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, most operators offer a new function of Wi-Fi calls, which makes it possible to call or receive messages from almost anywhere where a Wi-Fi connection is available.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about Wi-Fi calls and smartphones that support the new technology. You will also learn how to enable wifi calls Android and iOS even how to use it.

What are Wi-Fi calls?

The first thing you need to know about Wi-Fi calls (Wi-Fi Calling) is that they do not require specialized hardware or applications. This is a free service offered by many mobile operators around the world.

For many people, the first acquaintance with Wi-Fi calls took place thanks to the applications of Skype, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts. Mobile operators decided to keep up with third-party applications, so they offer a built-in feature in smartphones for making Wi-Fi calls.

Benefits of using Wi-Fi calls through the Operator

There are several advantages of using Wi-Fi calls from your mobile operator. Unlike a third-party vendor, for example, Skype, WhatsApp and others, you can use the phone bar and contact list of your phone to make Wi-Fi calls.

Besides, there is a smooth transition between cellular and Wi-Fi call. When your smartphone loses the mobile signal, the device automatically switches to Wi-Fi.

When to use Wi-Fi calls

Of course, the most obvious option for using Wi-Fi calls is when you are in the dead zone of cellular communication. Also, Wi-Fi calls will be useful in places with weak coverage.

For example, next to my house there is a coffee house with a stunning Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the building in which it is located has a bad honeycomb cover. In this case, Wi-Fi calls are a fantastic opportunity to contact another person.

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How to Enable Wifi Calls Android and iOS


Enable Wifi Calls in iOS

How to Enable Wifi Calls Android and iOS
How to Enable WiFi Calls in iOS

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To turn on Wi-Fi calling on your iOS device, go to Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi Calls. On this screen, switch ” Wi-Fi calls on this device ” to ” On “. It is worth noting that on iOS devices by default Wi-Fi calls are disabled.

Enable Wifi Calls in Android

How to Enable Wifi Calls Android and iOS
How to Enable WiFi Calls in Android

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Activating Wi-Fi calls on Android depends on the device manufacturer. In most cases, you can find Wi-Fi calls in the wireless and network mode of your smartphone in the ” Advanced ” section.

How do I know if I have Wi-Fi calls turned on?

After you have enabled Wi-Fi calls in the settings, your smartphone will determine the best time for its use. When your smartphone will use Wi-Fi calls, you should see the “Wi-Fi” icon next to your operator’s name at the top of the screen.

How to Enable Wifi Calls Android and iOS


Thanks to the new technology of Wi-Fi calls, the dead zones of cellular communication have ceased to be a problem. As long as you have access to a Wi-Fi network, you can make calls.

Currently, the technology is in the development stage, so you should check with your operator whether it supports Wi-Fi calls. If yes, then be sure to enable this feature in your smartphone settings.

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