How to Enable Siri on a Mac

Voice assistant Siri for a long time was only available for the iPhone and iPad owners. Nevertheless, in the past year, Apple users still heard and made a part of the assistant macOS Sierra. Today we tell how to set up Siri on the Mac and use the system every day for work and play.

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How to enable Siri

First, make sure that your computer is running macOS 10.12. The next step – to open the ” System Settings » → of Siri. In this menu, settings for voice assistant collected, the user can change depending on your preferences.

To start chatting with Apple artificial intelligence and use it to make everyday tasks easier, check under the option ” Enable Siri » and agree to send us personal information in order to improve the voice assistant.

In the settings, you can choose the language in which you want to communicate with an assistant, as well as the Siri voice – male or female. Other options include a soundtrack with the assistant launch and display an icon in the menu bar. The menu is another useful feature – set shortcuts to launch the assistant. You can use either the proposed shortcut system or come up with your own – to do so, select ” Customize “.

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What can Siri Do?

The easiest way to know that the voice assistant is able to do – ask him. Siri on the Mac learns how to open the application, search for emails, photos, and files on your computer and on the Internet, to remind of meetings, as well as to call people by using FaceTime or iPhone. A full list of features available on the system page of the Apple support.

Many functions, but I use only three. Every morning I ask Siri about the weather outside the window, then, when I sit down to write, please include your favorite songs, and in the evening I beg her to make me work harder.

They say that in macOS High Sierra Apple worked on of Siri, the virtual assistant by making more human voice, and answers to user query more precise. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the latest version and check out all by yourself.

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