On the eve of the release of the iPhone 8, the McDonald’s suddenly decided to contribute to the disclosure of the smartphone. In the latest dispatch for customers, McDonald’s posted an alleged image of the iPhone 8, on the screen which describes a profitable offer from the company.

The image from the McDonald’s mailing lists the iPhone 8 in the already well-known fans of Apple’s design technique. The smartphone has minimal side and bottom frames, as well as an upper frame trimmed around the edges. To the right and left of the top frame is a display, in particular, a status line. Since the illustration shows only the face of the iPhone 8, no other features of the smartphone were disclosed.

Design of New Apple iPhone 8 is confirmed

There is a high probability that McDonald’s does not have reliable information about the design of the iPhone 8. Most likely, the company used the excitement around the upcoming Jubilee smartphone Apple for an additional PR of itself and its new promotion.

Already very soon, in the early to mid-September, we finally stop guessing. It is expected that on 6 or 17 September Apple will hold its first autumn presentation, which will present iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Design of New Apple iPhone 8 is confirmed
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