How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

If you are wondering how to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC, you’ve come to the right place. Microsoft consoles have always had controls with the highest quality.  It is the perfect control not only for the Xbox but also for many other games.

So if you play on your computer, you may prefer to connect this control and put aside the traditional keyboard and mouse.

Good news:

The Xbox One control works for Windows and installation takes a few minutes.

A new set of drivers is available, which allow Xbox One controller to pair with any Windows-based computer which is even compatible with Xbox 360.

Download drive installer here [LINK]

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How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

Step 1: Download the drivers for PC system control Xbox One

Once you have reached the download page, simply click on the appropriate drivers set the features of your computer, and the program will start downloading.

Once you have finished downloading, open the file to start the setup. After accepting the license terms, click Install, and after a few seconds, the drivers will be installed on your computer.

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

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Step 2: Connect your Xbox One controller and start playing

With the drivers installed on your computer, connect your Xbox One Controller through the USB port and configuration ends. Now you can play any Xbox video game on your computer.

Easy, right?

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