In China WhatsApp is Blocked

On the eve of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, held once every five years, the government has blocked access to messenger WhatsApp in mainland China. This is a serious blow to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, who is trying to return to the Chinese market and intensively studying Chinese.

WhatsApp Facebook was the last product that was still available in mainland China. The very social network is blocked in the country since 2009, Instagram – 2014. Chinese censors have taken service as early as mid-July. Then the voice and video chat and file sharing have been banned, but text messages come without problems. After a few weeks of this limitation.

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Among Symbolic Software believe that blocking techniques WhatsApp is not typical for China. Apparently, they use specialized software. Partial disruptions in service operation began on Wednesday (September 20), and on Monday (25 September) lock acquired a large scale. In Facebook, as usual, declined to comment.

Chinese sources say that the authorities have a practice of partial lock and services, in which their work is disrupted or slowed down considerably. They become useless and thus censorship forcing their citizens to move to the permitted methods of communication, which are controlled by the authorities. One of these is the messenger WeChat Chinese company Tencent.

WhatsApp has a through encryption, which could actually be the cause of the blockage. The country is still running a Skype, which does not offer encryption, as well as FaceTime by Apple. Despite the fact that the last messenger has a through encryption, it does not have the function of secret chat, unlike WhatsApp. Of course, in China, you can still use the prohibited services and approach blocked resources through the VPN, but recently authorities are seriously struggling with these methods bypass the lock.

Updated: According to the publication The Financial Times, WhatsApp messenger is working again in China after almost a full day lockout. If he became permanently accessible and that has caused such a problem is not yet known. Presumably, this is the tactic of the Chinese authorities, which create disruptions in the program, forcing local residents to move to other services, mostly Chinese.

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