How to Change Your Whatsapp Number Easily

WhatsApp is still the number one application for instant messaging on mobile devices. Of that there is no doubt, we have the opportunity to be able to contact whoever we want and that is good. The developers are responsible for improving the application day by day, so that users enjoy the most.

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In one of the last updates of the application, a tool was released to facilitate the change of number . This tool is ideal to be able to migrate your account to a new number without complications and without losing any data.

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Change your Whatsapp Number and Notify your contacts

This topic has a lot to do with portability, that is, if you have changed your phone number for whatever reason. Then, you have given yourself the task of starting a new account by migrating all your data. However, all that now you can do it almost automatically.

The tool was already available, but I had a small error . Now the developers have solved it and it is that it did not give certainty to the contacts that the number had changed. Undoubtedly, this tool is very useful.

How to Change Your Whatsapp Number without losing old chat

How to Change Your Whatsapp Number without losing old chat 

The function is available as of version 2.18.97. To be able to use this function we have to go to the  Settings > Account > Change Number. We entered the current number and the new number. Before the change is made, you can decide whether or not you want to notify your contacts. The new tool includes the following functions:

  • Do not notify : without notifications to any user.
  • Notify users with whom you have a conversation:  only those you have chatted with and have an open conversation.
  • Customize:  you decide who or what to all your contacts.

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If you still do not have this feature on your smartphone, you have to update the WhatsApp version. The update has been available for a couple of days.

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