Best Three RSS Feed Readers Apps

Before dipping into our article ” Best Three RSS Feed Readers Apps ” I’ll tell you about free RSS newsreaders.

My job requires constant tracking of news, for this, I have a list of 50 sources and the service “Mediatrix,” which displays the most popular materials at the moment on the Internet. But browsing all sites one by one is a long way and inconvenient, so I prefer programs for RSS-subscriptions.

The format of reading news via RSS is gradually losing popularity. Because of this, Google Reader closed in 2013, and new applications for RSS appear less and less. Although until now I have not found a replacement for such services. Applications like Flipboard or Google News, which themselves from your news feed on “smart” algorithms, almost always offer sources of questionable quality and do not allow you to track multiple sources in a convenient format quickly. And, often, such applications have a limited directory of subscriptions.

Therefore, I want to talk about this more convenient way of reading news and articles than browsing websites. Services for RSS-subscriptions allow you to filter information and sources, in contrast to news aggregators, who themselves select texts for reading.

I chose three free applications for RSS. But there is a problem – the apps are very similar, so I will not say that “here you can select sources, and here is the news feed from your subscriptions,” but I’ll pay attention to the differences between applications from others.

Best Three RSS Feed Readers Apps


[appbox googleplay com.innologica.inoreader&hl=en]
[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

Now I use this service to collect materials on RSS. This is not just a news reader application; it is a whole combine for tracking information lines, with flexible filter settings and automatic search of important topics.

The service has so-called “rules” that allow you to automate some processes. For example, you can set up notifications for news that have an “iPhone 8” in the header. You can also configure the sending of the right materials directly to the email or, conversely, automatically hide the texts with uninteresting themes for you. So this is a great tool for working with the news.

However, soon Inoreader will remain a simple RSS-news application. Now users of the free version can create only one “rule.” But from the first of August they change the price policy and create “rules” can only be by subscription. And these features work only in the web version of the service. So the mobile application is much simpler by function.

Even without the paid features, Inoreader remains a fresh application for reading news. There are a lot of settings for tape format, fonts and other necessary and unnecessary functions. Plus in the mobile application, there is no advertising, and it is only available in the web version.


[appbox googleplay com.devhd.feedly&hl=en]
[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

This service is considered a certain standard for RSS feeds. Many other applications support the transfer of subscriptions from Feedly. And its popularity can be understood – the application looks very simple and understandable, many gestures are supported. He read the news – pulled the bottom edge up and it closed. Do not like the text – we scroll from right to left and move on to the next news.

I like how the application formats the materials into its format. Images are adjusted to the width of the display; the layout does not “dance,” embeds from social networks and services. Read a pleasure.

Feedly “friends” with a variety of services: Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote, OneNote. They are used for deferred reading of articles. To add material for “read for later” you only need to pinch your finger on the card with the news, and it will automatically be added to your favorite service.

If you go into the settings, then there you can find even more options for gestures or algorithms of the application’s behavior and appearance settings.


[appbox googleplay]

The application allows you to combine reading news on RSS with listening to podcasts. Accurate compared to other podcast players, Read has fewer functions: just turn on, stop and rewind. But for me, for example, nothing more is needed from podcasts.

Also, Read perfectly copes with its main task – reading news. Materials are adapted to the format of the application, all the excess is cut off (banners, advertising and other elements of the site design), and only text and images remain. If you need to open the source of news – at the end of the page there is a big button.

I like Read for its simplicity, there are not many functions here, like in Inoreader or Feedly, but also those that are missing. There is no Russian language interface. There are no ads; I do not even know how the developers are monetizing the project.

Summary – ( Best Three RSS Feed Readers Apps )

Inoreader is suitable if you need to be as meticulous as possible to search for news or if this is your job. To do this, the application has a lot of settings for application behavior and process automation. Feedly is suitable for easy reading of news with flexible interface and gesture settings. And apps are appropriate for news and listening to podcasts.

I recommend that you try every application and choose the right one for yourself, they are free. Also, tell in the comments about your methods of reading news.

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