These days many people are using their smartphones as scanners for scanning pictures and Documents. So we decided to list out and give you best five scanning apps for Android and iPhone.

So let’s begin our countdown:

The Best Five Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Five Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone (Cam scanner) CamScanner

CamScanner is the best app to scan your documents and converts them into PDF format which helps you to share quickly. Even this app works on your pictures and has a lot of effects which can you edit your photos.

CamScanner Comes in two different versions Paid and Free: Android / IOS

Best Five Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone (Google PhotoScan) Google PhotoScan

Google have just launched their Photo Scanning app which is available for free at Google Play Store. With such cool features like Auto edge detection and corrects the perspective of your image. And even removes extra flash/light glares in your picture and even we can save our scanned images in Google cloud for free.

Google PhotoScan is available for free: Android / IOS

Best Five Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone (Photomyne) Photomyne (Beta)

Photomyne (Beta) is not that popular app, but this works at it’s best.Comes with a unique feature which can scan multiple pictures at once from your camera or album. And go full range of filters to enhance your photos or documents.

Photomyne (Beta) is a free app available for IOS / Android

Best Five Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone (Shoebox) Shoebox features shoebox. This app scans pictures very well with edge detection & perspective correction feature. Even Shoebox can help to add extra details to your scanned pics, like Geotag, caption, date, and much more.

Shoebox is available for AndroidIOS

Best Five Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone (PIC SCANNER) Pic Scanner

Pic Scanner is an excellent photo scanner app only for IOS at present which can scan multiple apps at once even with Enhance, Rotate, Crop, and with lot more effects. Comes with limited features and save and share times (12 times) for free users. To make full use of this app, we have purchase the full version.

Small Tip: To use the best of the above apps is to scan our old pictures and save them to our digital memory.

Pic Scanner is only available for ISO

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