The Google Cardboard is the easiest way to experience virtual reality at home, but it is not matched the virtual experience which is provided by the Samsung Gear VR. So today we will advise you the best Apps for Samsung Gear VR.

Both work well, on your smartphone but the difference in graphics is abysmal. If you have a DayDream and cellular pixel Google, you could live a similar experience with Samsung Gear VR.

But here, we will focus on best applications that offer best VR experience, which is specially developed for Oculus and Samsung VR device.

Best APPS For Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality)

1.EVE: Gunjack

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This game is essential if you enjoy science fiction. It has a fabulous start sequence in which you will see that you can destroy ships in the universe of Eve. You must destroy pirate ships that want to enter using head movements or the touch pad next to the Gear VR, or by using Bluetooth connected control. The key is to know when to recharge and use special weapons you’ve collected. It’s fun but a little expensive application.

2.Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

Last May was released this franchise application Microsoft virtual reality. The application contains most features and modes with which Minecraft players are familiar with. It can be played in different ways: first, the application will be located in a virtual auditorium with a screen, and the second is totally immersive. To play this game you need a gamepad that connects via Bluetooth and you should make sure you have it before you start playing.

3.Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - VR

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Virtual reality does not have to isolate yourself from society, friends or family. This application puts you in a place where you disarm an explosive over a period of time. You’ll have to follow the instructions of your friends read the instruction manual in the real world. Explosive configuration changes every time the game is restarted. It supports touchpad Gear VR with other controls and gamepads that connect via Bluetooth.

4.Hitman Go: VR Edition

In this game you must get from point A to point B, killing the person who must die and avoid raising suspicion of security guards. The game interactions are made from the touchpad Gear VR, but the game has other visual controls too.

5.Land´s End

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This is a puzzle game that looks like something out of a dream. You must link the points in order to open ways to continue your journey. Although it feels like you’re immersed in a cartoon, the movements are smooth as butter and very relaxing atmosphere.