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Best Android Apps for Editing Photos like PRO

Photography is a crucial point on Android smartphones. Have a better camera or worse can be the turning point between buying or not a particular terminal. Once we have chosen this smartphone and have taken photos, tap to edit them to improve them. Here are the best apps for editing photos.

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[appbox googleplay com.niksoftware.snapseed]

Snapseed is the editing application most famous photographs on iOS and since Google bought Android also. With Snapseed can edit photos very quickly and obtaining a result that could be described as professional.

In Snapseed you can always adjust settings such as brightness and contrast control, exposure controls (saturation and warmth) or colors, shades and environment, improving the overall contrast of each photograph. In addition, this application has an advantage over the rest, in the latest update, you can also edit photos in RAW format.

Adobe Photoshop Express

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.psmobile]

Dedicated enthusiasts are editing photos using Android; Adobe Photoshop Express is a relatively comprehensive solution that provides access to a level of customization and mobile optimization quite high. With this handy application with multiple functions, you can edit photos of all sizes (including large format) and crop, straighten and rotate images, adjust the colors and remove the eyes.

As if that were not enough, the Adobe application also lets you add filters and effects, more than forty proposals. As I mentioned above, note that it is also possible to handle large files, including those unedited in “RAW” format. If you want to go further, a pay package lets you add new photos to minimize noise (graininess) in an image and other optimization options in photographs taken at night. Once modified, edited photos can be shared on the fly.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.lrmobile]

Adobe Lightroom you can edit raw files from digital cameras, as well as photographs, were taken with the camera of your smartphone. You have multiple tools and presets within the application. Synchronization settings with Adobe programs on your PC and the cloud are an essential tool to share your creations quickly.


[appbox googleplay]

This is standard and simple application to edit photos on Android. VSCO Cam is both an application to edit your photos to make them. The editing is done through many filters, which you can also download new, and you can always see the change to the original image.

It is both a kind of social network where you can view and share photos of anyone in the world, as well as set certain parameters of the photographs that you yourself want to publish on your profile.

[sc name=”1SL”]


[appbox googleplay]

From the makers of Pixlr-O-Matic comes Pixlr, and the name says it all. Application for photo editing with which you are preparing images for a short period and share them on social networks. No need to be a professional to achieve great results. There are many effects to get in premium edition “cosmetic” (red-eye removal, brightness and smoothing the skin). Collage includes a mode to combine multiple images into one.


[appbox googleplay com.neuralprisma]

Prisma is a sensation since it landed in Play Store after a good run on iOS. An application that reconstructs your photos with great painting effects. The app is free to download and, according to its creators, will include interesting new features in the future, such as videos or live broadcasts.


[appbox googleplay com.fueled.afterlight]

This is a fabulous but simplistic application. Has image adjustments, filters 59 and 66 textures with who you’re going to get all the colors to your favorite snapshots. First, cut the plane or center the picture, then give it a good tone color, apply a filter and burn some developing.

Frames also available to give you even more retro look you were looking for. Once finished selecting the resolution you prefer and send it directly to social networks.


[appbox googleplay]

Among the most notable alternatives for Android Play Store, the Aviary Photo Editor cannot leave anyone indifferent, but some content will have his wallet. In addition to the standard features (size, rotation, auto-correction, etc.), you can add text to images, specific photo correction (red eyes, makeup and more) and generate “memes” typical of some blogs.


[appbox googleplay]

Strictly speaking, Vignette is an application for recording and editing photos to convert your images in photos with a retro / vintage touch. And includes an option to zoom, timer and interval, the main advantage of Vignette is your filters and “old” effects to transform photographs as if they were made by cameras reputable (like Lomo, Diana, Holga or Polaroid ), although this is not the case.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

PicSay – Photo Editor

[appbox googleplay com.shinycore.picsayfree]

With PicSay you can change and fix the color of your photos, and add balloons, graphics, and effects like distortion. It’s funny what you can do with your photos. The application is very intuitive and easy. In the Pro version is more utilities, but are not necessary.


[appbox googleplay com.lightricks.facetune]

This is the application for everyone who ever wanted to touch up your photos with Photoshop and did not know where to start. With Facetune improve a selfie no matter how good a doddle. Just select a tool and touch where you want to improve the appearance. It also has filters to improve skin tones and clothing.

Tell us What is the photo editing application you utilize most?

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