In one of the previous articles, we’ve already told you how to get Windows license key for almost free, and in this article, we’ll tell you how to perform automatic activation of the OS after reinstallation.

Over time, Windows requires reinstallation, this can happen because of the numerous settings of programs, viruses. If you suddenly lost the license key or did not have time to copy it from the system, then you again have to stomp the store and buy the Windows activation key! What needs to be done to prevent this from happening?

Auto Activation of Windows 10 After Reinstalling the Os with Previously Purchased License Key

In order for the Windows activation key to be assigned to your computer, you need to do this:

  1. First, make sure that you have accurately activated Windows license key in the section “Update and Security” -> “Activation
  2. Now go to “Accounts” -> Then create a new Microsoft account. (Skip this step if you are already logged in)
  3. After creating a Microsoft account, the activation key that you activated Windows on a specific computer will be assigned to you.
  4. Now when installing/reinstalling Windows, you do not need to enter the product key, and only later to log into your Microsoft account.

Do you still have additional questions? Ask them in the comments, talk about what you got or vice versa!

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