Apple paid Nokia 1.7 billion euros in the case of patents

Nokia released a financial report for the second quarter of 2017, in which it was found that funds from an unknown source amounted to 1.7 billion euros (about 118 billion rubles).

As it was possible to find out the resource of Nokia mobiles, the money was transferred to Apple to settle a patent dispute with a Finnish manufacturer.

The press service of Nokia confirmed this information but did not disclose when exactly the funds were received and how they will be used. The resource emphasizes that a tranche of 1.7 billion euros is only an advance.

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Recall that in December 2016, Nokia accused Apple of violating 32 patents in the creation of the iPhone and filed some lawsuits in European and American courts.

The dispute was settled in May 2017, when the Kupertinovites agreed to pay compensation to the Finnish manufacturer and conclude a new licensing agreement. Both companies refused to give details but said that Nokia would provide Apple with some products and services for network infrastructure.

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