Apple co-founder Wards: China will be a lot of “Apple”

If you watched the movie “Jobs”, you can easily recognize Steve Wozniak, 40 years ago and Steve Jobs together to create Apple’s legend. Now 67 years old, he still maintained a symbolic beard and fat Shuo body, and wrist wearing the latest smart watch is to remind everyone that he is still out from the Silicon Valley geeks.

July 18, Wozniak appeared in the “second session of the Enterprise Innovation Ecology Conference” to share 40 years ago and Steve Jobs venture when the hardships and harvest, and optimistic about China’s current hot wave of technological innovation; Now the development of science and technology put forward their own view that artificial intelligence “threat theory” is too pessimistic, even if the robot is more and more intelligent, they will not hurt humans.

As for almost every attendance event was questioned about Steve Jobs, Wozniak concluded that he was “probably not a good geek, but definitely a good manager.”

Apple co-founder Wards: China will be a lot of "Apple"
Steve Wozniak

Wozniak was born in 1950 in San Jose, California because his father was an engineer, he grew up obsessed with electronics. At midnight on June 29, 1975, Wozniak knocked a string of characters on his Apple-developed keyboard, and then the string appeared on the Apple I-generation display. Minimal achievements have opened a new page of personal computers.

Then Wozniak joins with Steve Jobs in April 1976 formally established the “Apple Computer” company, and in December 1980 to start Apple’s listing.

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“When we started the company, almost no money, a total of three people, are more than 20 years old, a small company in the case of shortage of funds, we are thinking about how to do?” Talk about the hardships of entrepreneurship Wozniak said, “a company no talent, no money is not enough, when we started a clear direction at the beginning, one must have investors, the second is to have marketing. Jobs’ marketing strategy Very well, also found the investors, I was an engineer, which is the three most basic entrepreneurial conditions.Then we gradually break the reputation in the market, the creation of the company within ten years, we have done a product that is Apple Computer ”

1976, Steve Jobs (right) and Wozniak (Left) With Apple I motherboard
1976, Steve Jobs (right) and Wozniak (Left) With Apple I motherboard

Wozniak’s autobiography, published in 2013, wrote that for successful Silicon Valley start-ups, the key to their success is because they have the power to bring ideas or products to society. But then Wozniak in the book did not explain why the business in Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley, what is the special place.

Wozniak answered the question in the field: “Silicon Valley is a very good soil, Silicon Valley has a lot of technology companies have made a successful, earned money.These bosses and local investment in the creation of new companies spawned a lot of business. Gradually, a lot of dares to venture young entrepreneurs, but also like to Silicon Valley to create their company.I know that there are many places in the world such as Silicon Valley, they have a solid capital, but not all local capital holders are willing to take risks But in Silicon Valley, we have another culture.

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Wozniak has visited China many times and praised China’s current boom, and he encouraged young people to boldly create their own things. “Start a business to be innovative, have the courage, I see a lot of Chinese entrepreneurs have already had these conditions. The most important thing is the Chinese market has also formed a culture of the venture, which is a great advantage, but also the key to success I am optimistic that China will also be such a hot start of Silicon Valley, as well as Apple, Google, Facebook – like the company.

Against artificial intelligence “threat theory”

From the first Shabby Apple I on behalf of the computer, to the now intelligent iPhone, iPad and other equipment, Apple for the world to show the past few decades for a human relentless pursuit of artificial intelligence.

Despite leaving Apple for a long time, but Wozniak said it was still concerned about Apple’s dynamics. Wozniak bluntly “Apple changed our lives”, he deliberately raised the wrist of the Apple Watch, said he could not leave the watch’s intelligent voice.

“I think it is now the most intuitive of artificial intelligence is the mobile Internet.People once adapted to a new technology application, may no longer return to the previous tradition of the old way.” Wozniak this deconstruction of artificial intelligence, “such as intelligence Voice, just ask him to ask questions, speak to execute the order.It is like we hired an assistant, you ask him how many kilometers I am away from home, he answered you anytime, anywhere, to provide you with all the answers you want Is our definition of the ultimate goal of the future development of this field, or the large framework of the principle, of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Another study of artificial intelligence business Tesla is currently the world’s unmanned field leader. But his CEO Masky has repeatedly expressed concern about artificial intelligence in public and suggested that artificial intelligence should be proactively regulated. “If you can not communicate with AI, the malicious AI program will probably surpass human intelligence and To create a utopian society, I think this is the greatest risk of human civilization.

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In this regard, Wozniak expressed respect for the Masky, said the other is “a particularly visionary, especially ideal ambition of entrepreneurs”: “Tesla created a new model, then we did not foresee Such a prospect, but Tesla dares to try to break a new world.I know a lot of new technology products, electric cars, they all follow the Tesla model, including unmanned, and car built-in intelligent voice, all “These new technologies are as exciting as I am looking for today’s smartphones.”

But for artificial intelligence “threat theory”, Wozniak admitted that “the machine will not hurt humans.”

The earliest “three laws of robots” proposed by Asimov have so far profoundly influenced the society and the art creation industry. Many technical experts in the field of artificial intelligence and robots also agree with this criterion, that with the development of technology, the three laws may Become the safety criteria for future robots. The first of the “three laws” is “the robot must not harm the human individual”.

And Wozniak envisioned an ideal future: “If the robots really think, they will not hurt us, we will not hurt them because humans always want to make their lives better, robots More intelligent, can replace more and more human work, so that mankind from the heavy labor in the liberation, to think more questions.

Although Steve Jobs has been away for many years, but often Wozniak to accept the visit, are inevitably asked about all aspects of Steve Jobs.

“I am an engineer, want to do a lifetime of engineers. I do not want to enter the company’s management, I and Steve Jobs at this point are very different.” Every time you talk about Jobs, Wozniak has said a similar opening, This time is no exception.

Wozniak is very much hope that people can put him and Steve Jobs, Apple bundled together in the memory of the pull out, even though they founded the Apple company, and are called “Steve”, this relationship seems to never be able to leave The But it does not mean that he refused to talk about Steve Jobs, on the contrary, he is willing to tell you again and again about Jobs, because he found that many people still have some misunderstanding of Steve Jobs.

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“Jobs is particularly focused on his face, he is very much hope that the world to prove his importance to the field of science and technology.” Review and Steve Jobs early development of Apple’s computer period, Wozniak said.

Before and after 1976, Apple I and Apple II generation were developed and designed by Wozniak, but on Apple II, Jobs and Wozniak took the first time. Jobs said Apple II should be smaller, lighter, only need to leave two slots, but Wozniak insisted on keeping 8 slots. The final product in accordance with the way Wozniak was designed, and then became the history of Apple’s most successful products, and for many years to maintain sales first.

To the Apple III generation, Steve Jobs struggled to become the project leader, he still advocated a smaller, more lightweight idea, such as advocating Apple III generation do not fan. But Apple III on behalf of the sale due to large-scale failure need to recall up to 14,000 units. Wozniak recalled the matter, “Jobs was eager to Apple III generation of achievements beyond the Apple II generation, but the final results make him feel depressed, which for love, he needs to bear a lot of frustration.

Until then, Steve Jobs has been twists and turns away and returned to Apple, and lead Apple to become a successful business, Wozniak admitted Steve Jobs “may not be a good geek, but definitely a good leader.

“For a long time, I and Steve Jobs are good friends, but we are always very different people,” Wozniak said. Perhaps because Wozniak is a low-key, loyal “technology house”, and Steve Jobs to give outside publicity, the domineering impression is different, “Steve Jobs” author Walter Isaacson will Wozniak evaluation: “Everyone likes Wozniak.” This is also the vaguest note about Wozniak.

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