Android P Will Get a New Navigation and Gesture Controls

Not so long ago, Google released the first build of the Android P Developer Preview. And although the company does not reveal any details yet, developers find more and more interesting details in the interface of the system. Sometimes, Google employees themselves allow oversight and accidentally merge some “features” into the Internet.

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For example, in a recent article on about improving the security of a network connection in Android P, a screenshot of the Pixel 2 screen was published, on which you can notice a substantially changed bottom navigation bar. As you can see, the central button “Home” is no longer around, but flat. But the “Browse” button is completely absent. After about this wrote the site 9to5google, Google edited the screenshot.

Editor 9to5google Stephen Hall (Stephen Hall) in March suggested that Google plans to change the principle of the navigation panel. Now the source confirmed these guesses to the resource, saying that the company will not simply change the design of the buttons in Android P, but replace the missing button with gestures, similar to the iPhone X. In addition, this way of control will automatically hide the “Back” button, depending on from the context. That is if a button can be used, it is always present, otherwise, it will not be, for example, on the home screen.

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For more information on Android P, we will soon find out on Google I / O 2018. In the same place, most likely, the second developer assembly of the new version of the system will be presented.

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