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Geek Axe’s About Us

Geek Axe is a passionate technology website aimed to help people to use technology and understand it in a better way.

Geek Axe even allows other tech lovers across the world to write articles at Geek Axe’s website, and Writers /Authors can earn money from they own affiliated links.

Geek Axe is the second website by AXE Media as our first website was which was with limited features and discontinued by Axe Media in September 2015.

Axe Media was founded by Akhilesh Kovangal in 2014 as a tech website blog at Google’s as a passion, but since technology is growing day-by-day, Axe Media decided to make a website in which any person can share his/her technical knowledge with other viewers and readers across the world. The end result of this innovative idea is “Geek”

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