7 Insane tricks to boost your home Wifi network

At some point, we all have faced the issue when our wifi network troubles you. Imagine if you knew ways to pump your wifi network through some small tricks. Wouldn’t it be awesome? We present to you 7 insane tricks that shall boost your home wifi network.

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Use the latest Wi-Fi technologies

This may sound normal but the truth is a lot of the wifi base station are not able to resonate speed because their drivers are outdated. In case you are running a very poor and old wifi router, make sure to update the software else upgrade your router. There are a lot of integrity is involved when it comes to the router’s configuration. So it is always important that you ensure the software and the routers drivers are always up to date. You can even manually check the routers driver inside your computer Just to ensure that everything inside the driver’s software and the router is working well enough to receive the speed.

Find the perfect spot for your router

This aspect is often underrated but still holds the maximum importance when it comes to a Wi-Fi network. There are high chances that you may not be receiving a good internet speed just because the router is placed at a very ugly location in your house. Whenever you are placing your router, make sure the location is close to a corner or the router is stuck to a wall. Always make sure that the antenna lies at the centre of your house because that is how your whole house is going to be covered in the range. As an alternative, if you have a huge house you can even use an accelerator which is attached to the router to improve the range.

Get away from interferences

A router is a device that resonates wavelength of sound so if you have other devices such as microwave oven or cordless phones then you should expect some disturbance. A possible solution can be buying a dual band router and you get a cordless phone instead of a cord one. If you don’t like buying a new hardware then it is recommended that you keep your Wi-Fi router away from such interfering appliances.

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Increase your wifi range using aluminium foil

There are many tricks that you can do yourself to increase or improve the range of a Wi-Fi router. One such tricks are called the Aluminium foil trick in this straight you need to take an aluminium foil and wrap the and routers. This needs to be done when you are in a situation where you can’t place the router as the range is hard to come by. Though don’t expect much from this but you can still expect that the range shall be good. Still, if the internet speed is your priority then you should spend some money and get yourself a new and updated router.

Controlling bandwidth-hogging applications

If you have someone at your home who regularly does video chats, plays a lot of online games, torrent files or uses services such as Netflix then for sure you might be consuming a good amount of bandwidth which in turn would make the whole internet off. There is something called Quality of service. QoS for short which is to get rid of the bandwidth hogs. With the help of QoS, you can set a priority of some applications which ensures that the important applications get their due time.

Upgrade the drivers

Just like your operating systems. You need to upgrade your router’s drivers in your system. There are chances that there is an upgrade available but you are yet to do. Just see for an update and if available, update the drivers. There are high chances that you will start getting a better speed once the drivers are updated. Go to your manufacturer’s website and see for the information. In case there is no update available then see for an update for your system.

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Change your wifi channel

If you are living in a very populated area then chances are that there is a very huge congestion of the network. Just like a radio or a T.V, a wireless router runs on a different channel. In case you wish to check the channel then go to your windows system and see for the command prompt and search for the option “netsh wlan show all”. In case you don’t know, go to all programs, then accessories and select the option command prompt. Once you checked, go to wireless router’s interface and change to a channel which is less used.


Now you are well aware of all the facts which will ensure that your router works like a charm. Don’t expect way too much speed. Just go ahead and get the speed you always wanted.

Post by: Martha Telner

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