5 Best WordPress Plugins for Sending Push Notifications

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Sending Push Notifications – Would it be great to stay in touch with your visitors, even if they are now on someone else’s website? Notify them when a new entry is posted? Notifying push notifications will help you with this, and they are easy to integrate into your WordPress site.

Push notifications will increase the number of visitors to your site, and if you manage an online store, they will also increase your sales.

In this article, we’ll show you some examples of push notifications, tell you about their advantages and teach you how to install them on your WordPress website.

Send Updates to your Readers

If you are a smartphone owner, then most likely you are familiar with push notifications. Initially, they were used for mobile phones but then became popular on computers too.

Here’s how they work:

The visitor comes to your site and receives a request from you to allow the user to send push notifications:

WordPress Push Notifications ExampleIf the user gives permission, then you get the opportunity to send him notifications that will be displayed on the screen of his phone or computer.

And then, when you publish a new post or draw attention to users, you can send them notifications:

WordPress Push Notifications Example PC WebIf users have a browser open, they will see your message, and it does not matter at what site they are sitting at.

Browsers that support push notifications:

  • Chrome (Desktop and Android)
  • Safari (Mac only)
  • Firefox (Desktop and Android)

Now let’s see which are best push notification plugins for WordPress website. This is our personal ranked list picked out from various performances like installing, Configuring and much more.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Sending Push Notifications

1. PushCrew

[appbox wordpress pushcrew]

PushCrew is a popular push notification service. It can be used not only for WordPress, but the plug-in of this company is very easy to install.

PushCrew can send notifications to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. In addition, here you can fully customize your message.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

Disadvantages? It does not notify users of the publication of a new record automatically. You need to manually create an alert for each new entry. But there is no evil without good. This will prevent you from sending too many notifications.

Price: Free, if you have less than 500 subscribers

2. OneSignal

[appbox wordpress onesignal-free-web-push-notifications]

OneSignal is another plug-in that supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It was installed by more than 3 thousand people, which makes it one of the most popular plug-ins for push notifications in the WordPress directory.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

Unlike PushCrew, OneSignal allows you to automatically send notifications when you publish a new record or postpone it for later.

OneSignal also offers 2 terrific targeting options:

  • You can choose when users will receive a request to send them push notifications. You do not want to send it to people who first came to your site – you first need to make sure that they are your fans. This function is only for OneSignal.
  • In OneSignal, you can send messages only to a specific audience, for example, people who have visited your site a certain number of times.

Price: Free

3. Roost Web Push

[appbox wordpress roost-for-bloggers]

Roost Web Push supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Here you can send notifications automatically for all new entries or only for records of a certain category. You can send notifications when the record is updated.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

The main advantages are analytical methods and planning. With over 1000 downloads, Roost is another popular plugin in the WordPress directory.

Price: Free (with an incomprehensible “Contact Sales” on the company website)

4. PushAssist

[appbox wordpress push-notification-for-wp-by-pushassist]

PushAssist allows you to send notifications to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This plugin has a similar list of functions with OneSignal. You can split your users into segments, send out alerts automatically and get a detailed analysis.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

In addition, there is an opportunity to preview how your notification will look in real.

The only thing we could not understand is whether it’s possible to postpone the request for push notifications permission, as it can be done in OneSignal.

Price: Free if you have less than 3,000 subscribers

5. PushUp Notifications

[appbox wordpress pushup]

PushUp Notifications is only available for Safari. Why then did we include it in the list? Because it has excellent functions that should be in all plugins.

When you publish a new entry, PushUp Notifications inserts a small checkbox above the Publish button, which allows you to choose whether to send the notification or not. Very simple.

If you manage a website for Apple fans, then PushUp Notifications will suit you perfectly. In other cases, select another plug-in and make developers add this function to it.

Price: $ 14.99 for the first registration, then free of charge


As you can see, most of these plug-ins become paid after a certain stage. If you are looking for a free version, then you can use OneSignal, PushAssist or PushCrew. In PushCrew, you can always customize your notifications, and in OneSignal and PushAssist you can select an audience and send notifications automatically. All of them offer a detailed analysis. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our favorite? PushCrew.

Since push notifications on computers are still a novelty, we are sure that soon the number of plug-ins for this will increase.

Did we miss a plug-in? Do you use such plug-ins? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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